Greenology® Concept

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Möte mellan Dijana och Pär på Axjo

A result of our long-term aspiration to be a sustainable global partner. The world needs to change and we need to change with it. For more than 15 years, Axjo has been a leading developer of sustainable recycled polymer compounds for our products. Now we are taking the next step, making out progress clearer through the Axjo Greenology Concept. Here we convey our vision of how we can help, educate and improve our customers' sustainability work in both the short and long term. Four key areas – innovation, efficiency, sustainability and closed loop recycling – form the collective starting point for this work. We make the most of the knowledge we already have in each area and refine it to ensure an even smaller footprint. This can involve everything from techniques with weight reduction, mono material design and the use of 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycling).

How to be open-minded to change

The world needs to evolve, and we need to keep pace with changes. The Axjo Greenology Concept permeates every part of our business operations.

Our values govern the way we work. Our production of customized packaging solutions is undertaken in the most cost-effective way possible. Environmental considerations, social responsibility, ethical business methods and competitive pricing all characterize our business.

When manufacturing and developing new products, the strategic link between our sustainability work and the business plan is very important. Plastic and injection moulding are a fantastic combination where you can manufacture highly functional products with extremely low energy consumption per kilo of processed material in a single cycle. Putting our energies towards making a material as light as possible is both environmentally beneficial and a success factor in terms of cost. We invest considerable resources in modern systems and a way of thinking that includes the impact of the entire logistics chain and thus the full consequences of our product development.

In our own compounding facilities, we take responsibility for every aspect of our actions. To reduce our footprint, we work in collaboration with leading local collectors of plastic raw materials to reduce our transport requirements. The basic idea with the Axjo compound is to take advantage of materials that have already exhausted their life cycle (PCR material) at consumer level and which would otherwise be taken to landfills, end up in nature or go to incineration. These materials are upgraded to create new compounds with improved properties. Together with RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and leading cable companies, we have also found methods to be able to use XLPE waste from cable production in our products.

We pack all this valuable knowledge for a sustainable society into our new concept Axjo Greenology – the material of the future.