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A result of our long-term aspiration to be a sustainable global partner. The world needs to change and we need to change with it. For more than 15 years, Axjo has been a leading developer of sustainable recycled polymer compounds for our products. Now we are taking the next step, making out progress clearer through the Axjo Greenology Concept. Here we convey our vision of how we can help, educate and improve our customers' sustainability work in both the short and long term. Four key areas – innovation, efficiency, sustainability and closed loop recycling – form the collective starting point for this work. We make the most of the knowledge we already have in each area and refine it to ensure an even smaller footprint. This can involve everything from techniques with weight reduction, mono material design and the use of 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycling).


With a market presence in 58 countries and production units in 6 different locations around the world, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint. This endeavour means that we are constantly looking for new opportunities to develop products, production methods and production facilities for a better circular society.

Axjo’s customer focus forms the basis upon which we build our solutions, and one of the most important parts of being able to offer a global customer service is being close to the customer. This is achieved by means of globally located manufacturing plants, assembly units or warehousing solutions. This idea alone contributes to less environmental impact from logistics flow. Transport routes become shorter, the degree of filling is greater, and intermodal transport can be utilised in large measure. Global presence also contributes to sustainability in the regions where we operate through the societal benefits that our business creates.

How to be open-minded to change

The world needs to evolve, and we need to keep pace with changes. The Axjo Greenology Concept permeates every part of our business operations.

Our values govern the way we work. Our production of customized packaging solutions is undertaken in the most cost-effective way possible. Environmental considerations, social responsibility, ethical business methods and competitive pricing all characterize our business.

When manufacturing and developing new products, the strategic link between our sustainability work and the business plan is very important. Plastic and injection moulding are a fantastic combination where you can manufacture highly functional products with extremely low energy consumption per kilo of processed material in a single cycle. Putting our energies towards making a material as light as possible is both environmentally beneficial and a success factor in terms of cost. We invest considerable resources in modern systems and a way of thinking that includes the impact of the entire logistics chain and thus the full consequences of our product development.

In our own compounding facilities, we take responsibility for every aspect of our actions. To reduce our footprint, we work in collaboration with leading local collectors of plastic raw materials to reduce our transport requirements. The basic idea with the Axjo compound is to take advantage of materials that have already exhausted their life cycle (PCR material) at consumer level and which would otherwise be taken to landfills, end up in nature or go to incineration. These materials are upgraded to create new compounds with improved properties. Together with RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and leading cable companies, we have also found methods to be able to use XLPE waste from cable production in our products.

We pack all this valuable knowledge for a sustainable society into our new concept Axjo Greenology – the material of the future.

Axjo case: XLPE

Let us tell you how we are taking plastic recycling to a new level

The Greenology Concept is made up of many different parts. One of the most important is helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. A key initiative has been to work with leading manufacturers and research institutes to develop a method for utilising waste from power cable production using XLPE.

XLPE is PE (polyethylene) which is cross-linked with an additive to improve its properties. This results in scrap that is very difficult to use in a recycling stream. Together with NKT, Borealis, and Swerea IVF, Axjo has managed to succeed throughout the entire value chain. Effective recycling at NKT’s recycling plant, together with use of a sophisticated method in Axjo’s mixing and compounding process in Gislaved, have proved successful. Products are now being developed with a significant XLPE content as an impact modifier. These innovative products have been on the market for over a year, and both cable manufacturers and end-users have been very satisfied with the outcome.

The reuse of 1,000 kg of XLPE provides a saving of 2,000 kg of CO₂, helping our customers become more sustainable and more profitable as the waste does not need to be sent to landfill or incinerated.

The most ambitious agenda for sustainable development

If the world is to achieve the UN’s sustainability goals by 2030, we all need to contribute. We at Axjo have evaluated our operations against the 17 goals and identified the goals where, directly or indirectly, we have the greatest environmental impact.


The Axjo Group ensures good working conditions and a sound working environment in both our own companies and in the global supply chain.


The Axjo Group is constantly developing new innovative packaging solutions for the installation technicians of the future.


Sustainability and recycling are the Axjo Group’s most important watchwords. Over 90% of our product portfolio is manufactured from recycled compounds. The compound also contains a significant percentage of Post Consumer Material (PCR).


The Axjo Group uses large amounts of recycled materials sourced through collections made by our subsidiary, Drumster. Drumster also supports Ocean Cleanup’s sensitive approach in clearing the oceans of serviceable raw materials.


Our global presence means undertaking commercial transactions and agreements on a daily basis. A certain risk in relation to personal abuse of power and personal gain always exists in such dealings. The Axjo Group counteracts this risk by means of company policy, meticulous scrutiny and clear areas of responsibility.

How we work to achieve the goals

With innovation, efficiency and sustainability as key words throughout our organisation, we have come a long way towards achieving our long-term sustainability goals.

It is partly about moving our production from a linear process to a closed loop system but it also means making it easier for our customers by being part of their circular process. Axjo makes continuous efforts to be even better. That is why we annually undertake a SWOT analysis, evaluating threats and risks which then become the basis for our improvement work. This process involves both customers and employees as well as suppliers.

A holistic approach for a more sustainable future

The pursuit of a society with a lower climate footprint begins in product development. Axjo has been a pioneer in this respect and is well aware of the benefits of recycled materials. As early as the beginning of the 2000s, we at Axjo launched our first products entirely in recycled materials. Since then, a number of new materials and patented solutions have seen the light of day.

Our efforts to reduce environmental impact

All Axjo Group operations share an explicit goal of utilising resources and minimising waste in all processes. This is reflected, for example, in techniques where nitrogen gas is extracted from the air in the production room and dosed into the plastic to create a cell structure with reduced weight. We also have an investment policy which means that all machines at our production facilities must be fully electric or hybrid-powered by 2025. With our sustainability concept Greenology, we at Axjo Group can guide our customers towards choosing more sustainable, CO₂ reduced products.

A safe and secure working environment

Axjo’s continued progress is wholly dependent on healthy, committed workers. For us, actively working for a safe and secure working environment goes without question. By means of continuous training and employee surveys, we work preventively for a safe working environment.

Greenology Index
– for a simpler, sustainable choice

Axjo Greenology Index is a tool that we use to help our customers choose a product that meets all their technical requirements. We make it even easier to ensure sustainability is a consistent feature throughout the whole chain. We achieve this by offering an index for our products that includes a six-stage assessment scale with several underlying indicators that each product must satisfy. The sustainability assessment is based on a low to high index of 1–10.

#1 Origin of the
raw material

We have full control over our production chain, from sourcing and collection of raw material to the production of a useful compound for making new drums.

#2 Production method

Our modern production facility and innovative production methods enable us to offer efficient packaging production. The design of the product, as well as the properties required, determine the manufacturing method.

#3 Climate impact &
energy consumption

Injection moulding is one of the most energy efficient manufacturing methods. The material is heated for a very short time and a large part of the energy needed comes in the form of frictional heat.

#4 Closed loop

By means of circular processes, we are able to ensure that the life of our products is increased. This is done partly through systems where we collect used drums for reuse/recycling.

#5 Recycling potential

By thinking about recycling in the product development phase, we seek to create products with greater potential for repair or reconditioning with a view to longer use.

#6 Ergonomy

Our product development involves close consideration of both our customers’ needs and of how drums can be manufactured to make them as ergonomic in use as possible, through weight reduction, for example.

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