Welcome onboard

As the organisation grows, we need to hire more talented people who want to be a part of our journey towards even more sustainable products. We want everyone to feel welcome and included and we welcome new employees and board members into our organisation through our onboarding process.

A carefully designed onboarding programme gives us the opportunity to introduce our new employees and board members to our different departments and to the social environment and culture of our organisation.

Axjo’s customer focus forms the basis upon which we build our solutions, and one of the most important parts of being able to offer a global customer service is being close to the customer. This is achieved by means of globally located manufacturing plants, assembly units or warehousing solutions. This idea alone contributes to less environmental impact from logistics flow. Transport routes become shorter, the degree of filling is greater, and intermodal transport can be utilised in large measure. Global presence also contributes to sustainability in the regions where we operate through the societal benefits that our business creates.


We at Axjo Group care about doing the right thing and to maintain our employees’ confidence in us and our business. We want to do everything we can to detect and prevent any misconducts in our organization as early as possible. We have therefore introduced a whistleblowing service, where employees can anonymously submit a report on suspicion of serious misconduct. The reports can be made either by phone or online. The whistleblowing service is operated by an independent third party to maintain an independent and unattached handling of the reports.

Have you discovered anything you want to report?

We have a whistleblowing function where you can anonymously provide information about misconduct. You can report through the digital reporting system or via phone.

We build for the future with AXJO Academy

With the aim of hiring talents with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who are eager to make our world a more sustainable place and ready to embrace new challenges in a high-tech production company, we launched the Axjo Academy Program in May 2021.

With Axjo Academy we want to take our social responsibility by educating talents and keeping the expertise in the local society and under the Axjo flag.

The Academy program extends over one year and is an individually designed program where theoretical courses together with universities and training centers are varied with practical assigned projects. At least one project is in one of our international locations. With the support of a mentor, the Axjo Academy program gives the participant the opportunity to get to know various parts of Axjo Group and to explore their potential and grow as a person.

Isak Marelius was the first participant to attend the Axjo Academy program, doing his year at the IT department. After completing the Academy, he is ready for new projects together with Axjo America. Linus Hammarstig is taking the next step in his career through the Axjo Academy at the R&D department.

A safe and secure working environment

Axjo’s continued progress is wholly dependent on healthy, committed workers. For us, actively working for a safe and secure working environment goes without question. By means of continuous training and employee surveys, we work preventively for a safe working environment.