Our future actions towards an even more sustainable world with Axjo

We are expanding our material department with a new recycling line that will be active at the end of 2022. The new line will give us a saving of about 15 000 tons of CO2 per year.

We continue to work to reduce our climate impacts from transport by focusing on local material suppliers within a radius of less than 4 hours from our HQ in Sweden. Our goal is that at least 50% of the materials come from local suppliers.

More and new projects together with waste recyclers to find low-value fractions that, with modern technology, can be upgraded and used for our Greenology compounds instead of being sent for incineration. This saves resources and reduces the climate impact.

Products with new designs and lower climate impact. By using techniques where nitrogen gas is extracted from the air in the production room and dosed into the plastic to create a cell structure with reduced weight. Products with lower weight prevent work-related injuries.

Highlights 2021


Our concept ”Greenology” is finally launched!


We moved into our new, fresh production halls during spring. What a feeling!


Perstorp Plastic Systems AB was aquired and is now 100% part of Axjo Group.


We started Axjo Academy, with the aim of hiring talents with diverse back- grounds and experiences.


Finally our new headoffice in Gislaved is ready and we can now show off a completely new building which in a few years will become a CO2- neutral facility.


Jacob, CEO of Axjo Group, receives an award as ”Entrepreneur of the year” in Gislaved municipality, having ”focus on sustainability and recycling”.


Grand opening of our new premises with open house for the community and celebration together with all hard workers!

The world is changing and so are we