A closed loop system with AXJO Group

Being able to use packaging several times should be a matter of course, but this is unfortunately not the case in the installation industry. Drums from us at Axjo Group are currently designed and developed to be used up to ten times in different circular systems.

The products can be dismantled and any broken parts can easily be replaced during the product’s lifetime. The group currently offers a widespread take-back system for cable drums in Scandinavia. Our subsidiary, Drumster Group, provides an app-based tool through which the pick-up of empty products may be ordered by means of the cell phone’s geographical position.

Drumster Group also provides smart returns through several drop-points where the installer can return the drums. The drums are transported by full trucks to our return hubs. After reaching our return hubs, the products are inspected and customers receive a deposit based on the condition of the products. This is not just a financially good deal for customers; the reduction in waste results in multiple environmental benefits. In accordance with a circular process, broken parts are ground down and reintroduced into Axjo’s compound to create new products. Outside Scandinavia, similar systems are run with partners in, for example, Germany and Switzerland.

Axjo case: Closed loop

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