Greenology Index
– for a simpler, sustainable choice

Axjo Greenology Index is a tool that we use to help our customers choose a product that meets all their technical requirements. We make it even easier to ensure sustainability is a consistent feature throughout the whole chain. We achieve this by offering an index for our products that includes a six-stage assessment scale with several underlying indicators that each product must satisfy. The sustainability assessment is based on a low to high index of 1–10.

#1 Origin of the
raw material

We have full control over our production chain, from sourcing and collection of raw material to the production of a useful compound for making new drums.

#2 Production method

Our modern production facility and innovative production methods enable us to offer efficient packaging production. The design of the product, as well as the properties required, determine the manufacturing method.

#3 Climate impact &
energy consumption

Injection moulding is one of the most energy efficient manufacturing methods. The material is heated for a very short time and a large part of the energy needed comes in the form of frictional heat.

#4 Closed loop

By means of circular processes, we are able to ensure that the life of our products is increased. This is done partly through systems where we collect used drums for reuse/recycling.

#5 Recycling potential

By thinking about recycling in the product development phase, we seek to create products with greater potential for repair or reconditioning with a view to longer use.

#6 Ergonomy

Our product development involves close consideration of both our customers’ needs and of how drums can be manufactured to make them as ergonomic in use as possible, through weight reduction, for example.