With a market presence in 58 countries and production units in 6 different locations around the world, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint. This endeavour means that we are constantly looking for new opportunities to develop products, production methods and production facilities for a better circular society.

Axjo’s customer focus forms the basis upon which we build our solutions, and one of the most important parts of being able to offer a global customer service is being close to the customer. This is achieved by means of globally located manufacturing plants, assembly units or warehousing solutions. This idea alone contributes to less environmental impact from logistics flow. Transport routes become shorter, the degree of filling is greater, and intermodal transport can be utilised in large measure. Global presence also contributes to sustainability in the regions where we operate through the societal benefits that our business creates.


… develops, manufactures and markets high-quality products under the market-leading brands Axjo® and Greenology®. The companies’ ambition is to deliver sustainable and environmentally smart products to the customers. The business is focused on spools, cable drums, filament spools and efficiency enhancing special products for cable, fiber, wire and filament for 3D printers. The company also develops, manufactures and markets small storage solutions. The company conducts business in Sweden, Finland and the USA. The head office is located in Gislaved, Sweden.

Drumster Group

… is a tech company that operates and develops application solutions and systems for packaging returns. The company’s focus area is returns of Axjo’s cable packaging, but also wood and pallet products are returned in the system. The app today has over 5000 daily users, and together with Drumster drivers and Drumster partners the company created a complete logistics flow between users and manufacturers with the aim of creating environmental benefits. The company is also active in Finland with main operations in Riihimäki outside Helsinki and Oulu in northern Finland.

PPS - Perstorp Plastic Systems AB

… has a very strong position in the Scandinavian market within development, sales and distribution of storage solutions. The products are sold mainly through leading distributors, but also directly to larger logistics and e-commerce projects. The company was acquired in April 2021 and the head office was moved from Malmö and integrated into Gislaved during summer -21. The company has conducted manufacturing in both China and Sweden, but everything is now gathered under Axjo’s roof and the production in China is being discontinued.